96-Year-Old Retired Teacher Turned Crossing Guard Hopes To Keep Working Until He’s 100-Years-Old

A lot of people aspire to live a long and healthy life. That’s why they work really hard to eat better, exercise more, get better sleep, and take care of their mental health. However, not everyone gets lucky. With today’s diet and lifestyle, a lot of people get sick and that affects their lifespan.

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In the United States, the current life expectancy is 78.99 years old.

One man is currently beyond that mark and he’s hoping to hit 100 years old. With his current lifestyle and outlook in life, there’s a good chance he can actually reach that milestone.

Julius Campbell is a 96-year-old retired school teacher.

After his retirement from teaching, he chose to be a crossing guard. It’s not the highest-paying job around but he definitely loves it.

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He is passionate about his work.

“I get up at about 4 o’clock in the morning. And then I go down to this corner, at 6:30 a.m.”

Through his work, he was able to make friends with a lot of people.

Each day, he has about 20 seconds to interact with people. That’s usually how long it takes for someone to cross the street. And despite the little time, he’s still able to create lifelong bonds, particularly with the kids.

He shared:

“A lot of the kids graduate, come back, and I’m getting their kids going now.”

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Although his work isn’t easy, he still loves it.

For him, it’s one of the things that keep him young. It helps him stay active. Plus, it allows him to interact with people who are a lot younger than him.

He considers his job rewarding.

Julius is actually a World War II Navy veteran. That means he’s seen a lot in his time. However, he finds helping kids cross the street a rewarding experience.

He really likes reaching out a helping hand.

“I just love education and being around and doing things for people, helping people.”

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Being 96 years old, he’s hoping to hit a milestone.

He’s actually looking forward to making it to 100. He knows that his body is getting old so he’s doing his best to take care of it.

Julius said:

“I never lived a rough or fast life. Never drank, and I never all those things, run around late at night, so that makes a difference.”

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On reaching 100 years old

Reaching 100 years old isn’t such a long shot. With today’s medicine and dietary tips, it’s actually possible for a lot of people to reach that age.

If you want to reach 100 years old, one of the most important things you have to assess is your diet. Reducing sugar intake could help lower your risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Exercise, good sleep, and reducing stress help, too.

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Take note that your age shouldn’t stress you out. Like Julius, you should focus on your life and do the things you enjoy doing.

He shared:

“As long as life, as long as my health is good, I’ll stick with it.”

Watch the 96-year-old crossing guard’s inspiring story below!

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