Couples Stays Handcuffed Together For 123 Days In Attempt To Fix Their Relationship

Alexandr Kudlay and Viktoria Pustovitova, a Ukrainian couple, were willing to do just about anything to put an end to their constant cycle of breakups and subsequent makeups.

Screenshot: Inside Edition 

So, on Valentine’s Day, they commenced the months-long challenge of actually handcuffing themselves together by the wrists. They hoped to come to a greater understanding during this unconventional process that most of us wouldn’t dare to try.

Screenshot: Inside Edition 

This meant Alexandr and Viktoria were forced to do absolutely everything together, from shopping to showering and everything in between.

Oh, and they did this for 123 days straight — no breaks!

And after those 123 days of being chained together, day and night, the handcuffs finally came off.

Screenshot: Inside Edition 

Watch the video to see if their last-ditch effort to keep their love alive actually worked …


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