Dad Of 2 Allows Unvaccinated Family Member Into Home, Both Kids And Nanny Get COVID

Adam Joseph is used to issuing warnings, but just about severe weather. He’s a Philadelphia meteorologist, after all. But now he’s issuing a different kind of warning about letting your guard down when it comes to allowing unvaccinated people around your kids.

The father of two just went through the very scary experience of having both of his children, who are 5 and 6, diagnosed with COVID-19. He says while he and his partner worked incredibly hard to protect their children, who are both too young to get vaccinated, he briefly let his guard down and allowed an unvaccinated family member to visit. Now he’s warning others not to do the same.

Joseph put up a video about the entire thing on social media. In it, he says that the unvaccinated person did get tested before arriving to stay at their family home. That test came back negative. But just a day later, the person began feeling ill and later tested positive.
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Soon after, both his kids began feeling sick, as well. While one only suffered headaches, the other began feeling pretty awful, he said. And the virus didn’t just stay in their family, either.


Joseph also said that his children’s nanny tested positive, as well as other members of her family. “So, it’s literally one of those snowball effects,” he says. In the video, Joseph is clearly distraught and full of regret over the lapse in judgment.

“We’ve been through a range of emotions over this over the last week and a half,” he said. He noted that he and his partner are scared, primarily of what long-term effects their kids might end up with. While the kids are feeling much better, he said, their nanny is not doing well, nor is the family member who is still in their home.

Joseph even noted that he actually went to the hospital with the person who was staying in their home. They were clearly very ill and their vitals needed to be checked in order to make sure they didn’t need more extensive care. He says that person is still living in quarantine inside their home.

In the video, Joseph doesn’t seem to be angry or placing blame. But he certainly doesn’t want this to happen to others. “We kind of feel like we failed as parents to a degree, after protecting our children for nearly a year and a half from this,” he told viewers.

He is also clear that he’s not trying to shame or even lecture anyone. “There’s no agenda here with this video other than just telling you what’s going on,” he says. Still, his message is clear. “But please, if you are not vaccinated do not go around children who are under 12.”

“They are so vulnerable right now,” he continued. “They do not have a choice to get the vaccine at this point. We need to protect our children and make sure they stay healthy because this new delta variant is affecting kids.”

It’s a really tough situation to be in to have family members who are still resisting getting the vaccine. But sadly, most of us have been there. Luckily, Joseph says that the entire situation has persuaded many of his unvaccinated family members to go ahead and schedule their shots.

He’s urging those of us who have done our due diligence to protect ourselves, our kids, and others by getting vaccinated and to continue staying safe — that means not letting people who haven’t been vaccinated in our homes or around our kids.

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