Girlfriend Sneaks Up Behind Boyfriend After Being Away For 2 Years In 2 Different Countries

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” an old saying goes.

Image: Katerina Holmes

While there is no clear proof that distance increases a relationship’s intimacy, but based on a 2018 survey, 60% of couples in a long-distance relationship (or LDR) last. This percentage is already good considering that people are more skeptical about LDRs than those relationships with close proximity.

One of the beautiful things about LDRs is those moments when you finally get to be together.

Image: Katerina Holmes

It may just be a few days or a decision to settle and stay together finally – both are equally precious moments. After all, being away for too long makes you look forward to seeing your partner more.

This video of a girl surprising her boyfriend is one of those precious moments caught on cam.


The couple has been away from each other for two years in two different countries. The girl lives in the United States, while the guy lives in Colombia. His sister is playing as an accomplice for this well-planned surprise.

The surprise is just very simple: she flew in and showed up in what the guy believed is a siblings’ date.

Screenshot: KELLY MARCI 

You can see the girl glancing at his sister (who, we can all safely assume, is filming this). She slowly approaches him from behind while he’s on a call.

Then, she covered his eyes, much to his surprise.

Screenshot: KELLY MARCI 

At first, he had no clue who this person is. He even guessed it wrong at first! (People in the comments section are still debating who Veronica is, but that’s not important.)

He tried to get a feel of those hands when he felt a ring on each of her ring fingers.

Screenshot: KELLY MARCI 

He probably was the one who gave those rings because right at that moment, his facial expression softened. He immediately took his hands down and away from his eyes and saw the reflection of his girlfriend.

That’s when he looked up to see her face and know it is for real.

Screenshot: KELLY MARCI 

He stood up and gave her a tight and long hug – something that would tell you that they’ve been longing for each other. They sealed this moment with a kiss.

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